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Here’s How To Get Approved For Free Job Listings In 24 Hours

Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMB) can get free listings in by having their insurance agent, or any licensed insurance agent, register an account and apply for job listing credits on the businesses behalf. 

This costs the business owner or the insurance agent or agency, ZERO. is excited to offer SMB’s free marketing services, particularly in more difficult times. One issue that any job board or marketplace has if they offer free job listings, is fraudsters or shady lead generation companies trying to use it for purposes that it is not intended for. Many job boards have issues detecting if a company seeking a free listing is legitimate or not. 

Our reason for providing access to SMB’s through a verification process that’s in effect assisted by licensed insurance agents has to do with insurance licensing and there being a requirement for agents to understand if their clients are operating a legitimate business or not. 

Another reason that has chosen this method for verification and providing Free Job listings to SMB’s – is that the parent company of has extensive experience in the insurance industry. 

It’s important to note that there is no requirement for the consumer to make any purchase or even have a current commercial or financial relationship with the licensed agent. The agent is expected to ensure that any SMB they seek to assist in obtaining job listing credits, is a legitimate business in good standing. 

If you have any questions please see our contact page for more information.

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