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  • Date: February 19, 2016

Health Insurance  Is Complicated, But It Doesn’t Have To Be! 

Right now there are tens of millions of people within the United States who have lots of questions about what their options are for health insurance. Here are the facts; health insurance enrollment can be incredibly complicated, and getting access to factual information, or access to someone who is actually going to provide unbiased information can seem like it is impossible. Have you ever had that experience where you fill out a lead form expecting price quotes, only to not get the information you are looking for, and then the next thing you know your phone won’t stop ringing at all hours with random sales calls?

We LOATHE that kind of thing, and HealthNetwork helps people avoid that experience.

We Even Made A Funny Commercial About Why That Experience Is Something That Needs To End!

We Are Looking For Motivated Individuals Who Care About People And Their Local Community And Who Are Good At Communicating With Everyone

This is not an MLM job, or something that requires you to be on the phone 15 hours a day making cold calls. In fact, you can do this job anywhere, at any time, and all it really requires is for you to listen to people and care about what their needs are. If you are a good listener, good with people, and can conduct yourself in a professional manner, than this is a job that you can exceed at.

We do not train you to be a licensed health insurance agent, nor do we want you to try to explain anything to consumers about health insurance. Explaining all of the details and the ins and outs of health insurance is what we do, we just need you to help us get the word out.

All we require you to do, is to explain what it is that HealthNetwork does, and refer people to our website. As a HealthNetwork Healthcare Advocate you will be provided with your own website that you can refer consumers to.

Maybe you’re in line for coffee or checking out at the grocery store, and you hear someone complaining about how difficult it is to get enrolled in a health insurance plan.

That’s the perfect opportunity to say:

“Hey I know what you are going through, there’s a company called HealthNetwork that can help you. They’re an unbiased source for information on health insurance. Here’s a link to their website or a toll free number that you can call. They don’t ask you for any sensitive personal data, they don’t sell your contact information, they won’t robo-dial you, and they’re trusted by more than 15 million people a year to research their health insurance options.”

You can even let people know that simply by registering with HealthNetwork, they can get access to a 100% Free Prescription Discount Card, and access to a number of other benefits at no cost to them. HealthNetwork works really hard to help people improve their health and wellness and save money.

People appreciate a hassle free, common sense approach to researching health insurance, and that is precisely what we do at HealthNetwork.

Become A HealthNetwork Healthcare Advocate And Help People Improve Their Lives!

So now you are wondering, well how much money can I make by doing this? Our compensation plan is very simple, and there is ZERO cost for you to get started.

For every person that you refer who enrolls in a health insurance plan, you will receive $50. Once you have referred 3 people to HealthNetwork, your compensation jumps up to $75 per enrollment. The amount of money you earn is really limited to how much effort you put into this. We have some individuals who already have a full time job and do this simply to make some extra income, and those individuals make a few hundred dollars a month.

We have other people who are making thousands of dollars a month because they are actively speaking with people in their communities on a daily basis. Some people will use social media to promote their HealthNetwork Healthcare Advocate website, and that helps generate more business for them.

We Get Asked This All The Time, So We’ll Just Tell You. Our #1 Referral Partner Makes More Than $15,000 A Month. However That Person Is Very Active In Promoting HealthNetwork.

Like anything in life, your success will be determined by your level of effort.

If you only want to promote HealthNetwork part time, or very casually to friends and family, we’re fine with that. We only have three rules when it comes to working within our Healthcare Advocate Program.

#1. Always Treat People With Respect

#2. Remember That You Are Not An Insurance Agent. Do Not Try To Answer Anyones Specific  Questions About Health Insurance. That Is What HealthNetwork Is For.

#3. Enjoy What You Are Doing. Which Is Helping People Improve Their Health & Wellness.

For More information about the HealthNetwork Healthcare Advocate Program Please Go To The Following Website Below.

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